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    Rapid Storage Technology and SSD M.2 PCIE


      Hi guys, hope you're fine. I'm new here and I've a question, hope you can help me.


      Few days ago I bought an intel NUC5I7RYH, I put inside 2x8Gb Kingston HyperX impact 1866MHz and a SSD m.2 pcie Samsung SM951 - 256GB MZHPV256HDGL


      I've install windows 8.1 and all driver from intel download center. Also upgraded bios version from 2xx to 350. Up to here it all works very well.


      This is first time that I use SSD and I don't have experience with this software.


      When I try to install Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) during installation an error occured: Platform not supported.

      Also tried older version and only ahci version, but report same error.


      I think there is no compatibility with ssd pcie. Anyone have the same problem with this drive?

      Is windows default driver good? With intel RST the ssd works best?

      Thanks a lot