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    Unable to access GPIO on Minnowboard-Max using Windows



      I am using Minnowboard Max and need to access the on-board GPIO and SPI. The operating system can be Windows8.1 Embedded Industry or Windows 10 IOT Enterprise.  It cannot be Linux.

      I am trying to run reference code from Microsoft called Blinky.  This exercises that GPIO and works correctly on Win10 IOT CORE, as was intended.  However, I cannot use core and must use one of the above named OS.  Blinky is a Universal Visual Studio app.

      These are my results:

      On Windows 10 IOT Enterprise - the build is OK but when the app is run No GPIO controller is detected.  I have open case at MS and it appears it may not yet be implemented in 10 IOT Enterprise even with Embedded Enabled set in registry.  I see GPIO controller on Device Manager tree.  I see topics such as GPIOClx and MSGgpio  in various posts but don't really know what to do.


      On Windows 8.1 Industry - Intel provides drivers for this OS which to me implies it should be able to work.  I see GPIO controller on Device Manager tree but when I try to reference Windows.Devices.GPIO namespace as win 10 IOT core, the build fails.  Unfortunately, I to not know how to even get started writing the required 'driver' to connect to the Intel provided hardware driver.


      I would really be great if the bridge code between 8.1 and the Intel drivers was already written somewhere but I cannot find it.  Doubt I'm the first to attempt this.


      ANY help would be greatly appreciated.


      I know this is an Edison forum, but hopefully the concepts transfer.