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    DG45ID > Denon AVR-790 via HDMI = No Video

      I have been running my G45 HTPC (running Windows 7) directly to my Olevia HD (1080i) via HDMI for 6 months and it has worked flawlessly. However this weekend I re-wired our living room to move all equipment to the back of the room into a cabinet. I purchased a Denon AVR-790 receiver to which I connected my DirecTV (HDMI), HTPC (HDMI) and Wii (component). The receiver is now connected to the HDTV via a single HDMI.


      The satellite and Wii are working great, however I now get no video at all from the HTPC through the receiver. If I unplug the HDMI-out from the receiver and plug it directly into the HTPC, I get picture as normal, so I know the cable is good.


      I have read quite a bit regarding HDCP issues with receivers, but typically the context is either no sound through HDMI, or else issues only when trying to play protected content. In this case, there is absolutely no signal coming through at all, not even the boot screen. This seems to indicate that it can't be a driver issues as the driver wouldn't kick in until Windows loads. I have tried everything I can think of. The available receiver settings are quite minimal and I've tried every combination (basically only whether to upscale the resolution or not - by default OFF which should pass through the HTPC's resolution). I had previously set the desktop resolution to 1360X768 which is the TV's native resolution. However I also have tried setting it to 720P and 1080i. Again though, the resolutions would kick in upon Windows loading, which doesn't explain why I can't get any signal from bootup when through the receiver.


      Any ideas?