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    D845GLAD Power On Display Problems


      I was given a PC from my uncle that powers on but has no display.  Someone had given him some RAM as he wanted to upgrade.  I am not sure what type of RAM he placed in the MB but once he changed it and tried to power on the PC there has never been any display.  He placed the old RAM back into the PC and it still does not have any display.  Everything appears to be powering on and staying on, but there is just no display.  I have tried placing a PCI video card in and still no display.  I have removed the CMOS battery and still nothing.  There is only 1 dimm chip in and I have moved it to bank 1 just to see if I would get any beeps.  Still no beeps at all.  It appears to be booting up just fine, no warning signs of any kind.  Any ideas on what to try now?  Or, is the MB shot?


      Thank you in advance for you help,