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    DP55WB USB port flash drive problems


      Having an issue with plugging in any USB flash drives in any of the USB ports. I have an Intel DP55WB board, i5 Processor, Seagate Barricuda 750GB SATA drive and a GeForce 9500GT graphics card. Operating system is Win XP pro with SP3. The issue is when I plug a flash drive in any of the USB ports, the computer beeps like it is supposed to but that is about it. Sometimes the drive shows up in explorer but most of the time not. Even if the drive shows up I cannot access it at all. When I try to reboot, the computer hangs and shows a IndexStor program not responding. I have turned off the indexing of the internal hard drive but doesn't seem to matter. If I plug in any external hard drive into any USB port everything works just fine. Strange. Any ideas out there? Thanks.