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    Symbols of Intel Drivers for Windows


      Hello, Where I can find the pdbs for intel drivers on windows 10? I am porting here one small example from dx11 to dx12 when i run it i get this crash. Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFD5D57053B (igdusc64.dll) in Shadows.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000038. Supplying the pdbs will be very useful for discovering the reason. Now the only thing that i can deduce is that somebody is accessing a null pointer. The example is here. https://github.com/kingofthebongo2008/examples/tree/master/msm igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d57053b() Unknown > igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d5705b3() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d567505() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d5676e0() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d567eb8() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d568915() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d563c9f() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d600c0b() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d1ff9f7() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d1ffec9() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d201dc0() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d2024b7() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d2026e4() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d5910a5() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d129f87() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d1325eb() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d1346c9() Unknown igdusc64.dll!00007ffd5d130371() Unknown igd10iumd64.dll!00007ffd5f571c05() Unknown [External Code]