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    Edison USB RNDIS Device - disable device to solve problems in windows 10


      Hi Folks


      The Problem


      After I installed Edison I noticed significant "Slowdowns" in Windows 10.  Most notably Browsers (Edge, IE and Google) and Outlook 2016.

      1. Web pages were not loading
      2. Web pages took a very long time to load (Upwards of 2 minutes)
      3. Outlook was looking for a profile for up to 3 minutes.


      It took a while, but I finally identified the root of the problem to the "Intel Edison USB RNDIS Device";

      1. Under network connections this device shows up as a public network
        • I could not find a way to change this network to "Private"
        • I believe that the "public" designation kicks in "protection" from windows 10 and results in timeouts or something like it. (supposition on my part)
      2. If I disable the device the problem goes away!
        • I do not know the "unintended consequences" of disabling this device.
        • The console still works, for example, but I have not tested other things.


      Hence, the workaround if you have this problem is to disable the device in Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections

      I would really like to know if there is a better way and if there are any consequences to this approach.


      Thanks in advance I