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    4965AGN doesn't play with Win 7




      After installing Win7, and updating my 4965AGN drivers to the Win7 version, my wifi connections haas gone down the tubes.  It will work for a couple of minutes but then data transfer dies and I get the "Limited Access" icon on my wireless status icon.  Running the Win7 Network Troubleshooter will usuallly come back with "Default Gateway Not Found", reset the router and the cycle starts again.


      Everything worked fine prior to Win7 so it appears as though it's a driver issue.  Any further updates coming?



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          at least im glab finding somebody with the exact same problem as i  got.

          im running windows 7 64bit on a dell xps 1530. tried  everything, including updating uniinstalling and so on. last hope was  the latest intel driver but surprise surprise same result.


          the  only way to avoid the limited connection thing is to install an intel  driver offered by dell for my notebook, but this driver comes up with  the bluescreen difficulty under heay network traffic ...  -->   http://communities.intel.com/thread/6030?start=15&tstart=0    and  the bluescreenthing is solved by the what comes up with the  limited connection/dropping connection in my case


          does someone have an idea??