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    ETA on TRIM Firmware


      There are many OEM's who have waited for an entire month to install Windows 7 on new X-25 based systems.  What's the latest ETA on the firmware?  Help us out here, at least give us an ETA.  Thanks for a great product, let's just nail down this firmware issue.

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          I have win7 64bit and an X25-m 160Gb, I dont mind being the first to try it out.

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            Time is lagging backwards a bit for our transatlantic friends :-) So be patient, if Intel says the firmware is going to be released today, they might mean "at the evening of the 30th of November", which is actually the morning of December 1st here in Europe.


            Give Earth some time to spin..

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              They didn't "say it was going to be released today."


              Two weeks ago they said they planned to have a new firmware posted by the end of the month.


              That really just means they thought / hoped they'd have it figured out and posted by then -- it's not a hard deadline or guarantee, and well-intentioned "plans" certainly change as they perhaps encounter new stumbling blocks getting things fixed.


              I wouldn't hold your breath or worry about things like time zones, and I wouldn't expect them posting hourly status updates either.


              The main thing when they release something is that it's as correct as it can be.

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                I also wouldn't expect them to release hourly updates, but I do think they should have an update to give us a new projected date of release--this is known as communication to customers. Of course, if Intel does not care about their customers, then they can disregard the concern of their customers.

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                  The time does matter, not only the result.

                  IT means Information Technology, not Intel Technology.


                  We need informations!