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    Very noisy Xeon 5504 cooling system






      I recently bought a server with dual Xeon 5504 and the processor cooling system is making a huge noise. My reseller said me that this is normal. However, I think Intel have a noiseless alternative fan. Am I right or the cooling system of this processor is really noisy and there is no alternative to it?

      The fans have the follow number over them: E47199-601. I think this is the model number of the fan.

      Can anyone help me with this issue?




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          Which board and chassis are you using?


          Let me know this then i can check further for you.


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            The board is a INTEL S5500BC and the chassis is a chieftec one (I don't know the exactly model).

            I inspected the system and the noise is clearly from processors fans. The cooling system used is the BXSTS100A. Is there any report about high noise level produced by this cooling system?


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              Since you are using a non-intel and non-validated chassis, it is quite difficult to give you some proper suggestions.


              If it was an Intel Chassis, here it explains how it works:



              If you have rack system like SR1630BC, then you need to use the passive cooling solution STS100P.


              However, if you have the SC5650 chassis, then you have two options depending on the Max TDP of the CPU:

              CPU TDP 130W - Use STS100C (combo)

              CPU TDP  80W - Use STS100A (Active)


              These need to be bought seperately.


              When the fan are spinning too loud, it can be due to:
              1. Wrong system fans are connected on the board.
              2. Incompatible chassis and wrongly configured SDR.
              3. Compatible chassis with a wrongly configured SDR
              4. Bios Settings wrongly configured.
              5. Firmware update required


              This board supports EFI update.


              Download the latest firmware package and extract the whole contents to the root directory of a fat formatted USB stick.
              Plug the USB stick to the target machine and boot into the EFI shell.


              If the usb stick is detected on the EFI shell and the file startup.nsh is on the root directory of the usk key, it will launch the update automatically.


              Since you are using a non-validated chassis, select other chassis and select which system fans have you connected to the board.


              When updating the SDR only, try Other Chassis.

              It will ask these questions below:
              "Does the system have chassis intrusion?"
              "Is CPU Fan 1 installed?"
              "Is System Fan 1 installed?"
              "Is System Fan 2 installed?"
              "Is System Fan 3 installed?"
              "Is System Fan 4 installed?"
              Answer correctly to these questions.


              Next steps will be to verify the sel log, download the System Event Log Viewer Utility and check the SEL Log.


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