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    RAID 1 failed after only one disk fails




      My RAID-1 configuration failed after only one disk failed.

      The second disk seems fine, dor the Volume reports Failed instead of Degraded.


      I tryied to remove the failed disk with no result. Volume is still Failed.

      I tryied to remove the failed disk from the array. Volume is still Failed.


      Is there a way to access the the remaining disk anymore?

      I really need to recover the data from that disk, at ANY cost.


      I post a screenshot of RST, showing the Failed Volume.

      The non-raid disk on the bottom is a disk I added to backup the data... too late...


      Chipset is ICH10R


      Please help



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          Usually, there is no way to recover a failed RAID volume; this is because the metadata became corrupted somehow. The good thing might be that you have a RAID 1 volume which data should remain if you reset it to non-RAID in Ctrl+I; however, I am not able to guarantee such data recovery even if I suspect you should be able to.

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            Thank you for your reply.

            By the way, I could recover the data with a similar way. I am not sure it would work in any case, but it worked for me, so I will share here in case...


            First, I used a Linux live CD that did not recognized the raid array but each disk separately.

            It was helpful because I could mount each disk and make a backup before making some more testing.

            I also found that the NTFS was not cleanly unmounted and/or corrupted, so I made a recovery from Linux.


            Then, from the Intel Rapid Storage Technology panel, I simply removed the last disk from the array setting it 'non raid'.

            At this point, I have a disk that left the array, and a new disk to replace the dead one, both unrecognized by windows.


            After that, I re-created the RAID1 array and I have been so surprised that the software found the one disk had some raid data, and asked me if I wanted to use if to use it as master data to build the RAID array. And it is what I did, and all my data came back ! Miracle !


            So, the question is "What if the software can handle this problem, why do Intel not reply to do this procedure to recover??"...

            Anyway, it work. My data is back. Everybody is happy.


            I hope this story may help, and thank you Joe for you reply.


            Best regards.

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              Hello JPM,


              Thank you for sharing your outcome.


              The procedure you ran it could have been done on Windows, RAID 1 will allow to access the option ROM and set the drives to non-RAID. Once done, you reboot to Windows and the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology will allow you to recreate the RAID 1 configuration.