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    DP43TF power on problem


      Hi I have specific problem, and I can not determine wether the problem is with MB DP43TF, CPU, RAM or PSU.

      When the MB is shut down long enough, (over night), I have power on problem. When I press power button, power indicator LED lit for a second and than goes off.  If I pres the button again nothing happens. I have to disconnect the power cable form PSU, wait several 10 of seconds (LEDs on MB to go off) and power on again and try again. After several attempts i have 2 possible outcomes:

      1) I have to remove the RAM modules and reinsert them and it power on

      2) I can try several times (remove power plug, wait, power on) and I can succed


      Every time when I power on the machine and when it boot, it is working fine. After getting warm this problem ocures less frequently.

      Frequency is like:

      A) Cold machine - 1 in 10 times I do not have a problem

      B) Warm machine - 9 in 10 times I do not have  a problem


      BIOS is latest (november), PSU is 550W, RAM is 2x2GB DDR2 Kingston, CPu is Intel E7500...

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          Hi there,


          You are correct, it is quite difficult to tell at this stage what could be exactly causing the issue.

          Have you been able to try with a different power supply?

          Have you tried with different processor, if available?

          If you have made any changes in bios, for testing purpose, please can you try to set bios to default settings and see if there is any difference in the booting?

          Did the problem started happening after you updated the bios?

          If the system was working fine before the update, is it possible for you to downgrade the bios to the previous version you were having?

          If you have any front panel (audio, usb), please disconnect it and test the system.

          If possible, test the system with different chassis and also most importantly with different graphics card.


          If the above suggestions did not help you in any way, it could be something wrong with the board, but it might be advisable to open a service ticket with Intel support and they may investigate if required.


          Hope this will be helpful.



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            Hi I solved the problem. The problem was incompatibilty with CoolerMaster 650W power supply.