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    How to remove update to my bios?


      I've updated my bios even it doesn't cause any problem,but i want to remove that update and restore it to original one because updated version of bios causes problems.There is no newer update available than that i have.So, how can i restore my bios to original version.please reply me fast.

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          If it is an Intel board, you can update your BIOS to a later version, just like you did with the new version. So either by recovery iflash or what not just use the BIOS version file you want.

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            Hi there,


            It's quite simple.


            If you know which bios version you were originally having on your motherboard, you can simply go to the download page for this board and search for all available downloads for this particulare board. By this way you should be able to see the latest bios (the one that you have) as well as previous revisions of bios. Simply download the version you want and perform the downgrade the same way you performed the bios update. It's simple as that.