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    Edison MiniBreakout board - Power Bank


      Hi all!

      Just to be sure, is it safe if i use Power Bank with an output of 5V - 1A power my Edison Minibreakout board via mirco USB(J16)?

      IF YES,does it suffices to power up the Edison with Wifi, bluetooth and few LEDs working on board? or is it the same as sticking that micro USB onto my laptop USB port?

      Thx in advance!

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          Hello Kharrazi,


          By checking the Mini-Breakout board schematic, I don't see any issue in powering the board with a power source of 5V/1A. However, make sure it provides 5V. If it provides a different value, the Mini-Breakout board and the Edison module could be damaged permanently.


          On the other hand, I haven't had issues using WiFi or Bluetooth while powering the board through the USB port connected to my Laptop (I use a docking station, I must say), so you shouldn't have issues using the Power Bank. Make sure the USB port provides a stable output; most of the times those kinds of issues are due to unstable USB outputs.


          Finally, regardless of the power source you use, I don't recommend you to connect the LEDs directly to the Edison's IO. I suggest you to use the Edison's IO to activate a transistor, while the transistor is the one that turns ON/OFF the LEDs. The Edison's IO provides 1.8V/3mA, connecting LEDs directly to them might damage the module.




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            Hi Diego,


            Thank you so much for the reply and the enlightenment.


            Much appreciated!