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    Speedup boot



      I'm trying to speedup the boot of the Edison. Therefore I'd like to disable all services

      and others things that slow down the boot. I only need wlan cpabilities for my usage.

      No audio, no Bluetooth, etc.


      How can I archieve that?




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          Hello Christoph.P,


          If you want to completely remove all other capabilities then you would probably need to build you custom image that doesn't include any of the capabilities that you don't need. To do this, I'd recommend you to read and understand the BSP.

          If on the other hand you don't mind having all these applications stored on your Edison's storage, then you can go to ‘/lib/systemd/system’, there you will find all the system's services. You will have to go one by one choosing those that you want or not and then disable those not needed with the command ‘systemctl disable SERVICE_NOT_NEEDED.service’.