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    Eclipse/Edison libraries out of sync. // Insufficient space to flash Edison with Yocto 2.1




      I am currently trying to run a project on the Edison using the Eclipse IDE. The problem is that when I try to connect to the Edison, I get the following error: (see image below)


      I have a more recent version of Eclipse (downloaded 10-16-15) than the version of Yocto (1.7) I have flashed onto the Edison. Believing this was the reason for the error message below, I attempted to flash the Edison with Yocto 2.1. To do this, I followed Intel's instruction manual. However, when I tried dragging the extracted files onto the Edison, it gave me a warning that there was insufficient space on the Edison (about 750MB available but needed about 250MB more).


      Unable to connect to the Edison using this version of Eclipse and unable to flash the Edison with the latest image, I am unsure what to do. Is there some way around this error so that I can flash the Edison with Yocto 2.1? Is there some way I should downgrade the Eclipse IDE instead so that the libraries are compatible?Displaying image.png