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    dn2820fykh won't reboot properly now


      So I have an intel nuc dn2820fykh that has issues on windows 8-8.1 using 100% of disk on an SSD.

      This seems to be a known issue.

      During troubleshooting of this issue however, I downgraded the firmware to 00021, that did not solve the issue.

      However it created an additional issue in that it does not reboot properly. Now it simply hangs at a black screen (no video output) with the power light on, and it will sit there indefinitely.

      I've tried upgrading the bios back up to 00052, however ALL of the bios update methods, update via a reboot, which doesn't function properly.

      I even created an MS-DOS boot disk on a flashdrive with the iflash2.exe utility, and tried forcing the no-reboot option, but it says it's not supported.

      I really have no idea how to fix this thing at this point.