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    Problems of IPv6+UDP/TCP, IPv4 and IPv6 RSS on XL710 NIC


      The Fodora 20 system was installed with quad-port XL710 NIC. By default, the NIC driver creates 4 queues per port and both IPv4+UDP/TCP(udp4/tcp4) and IPv6+UDP/TCP(udp6/tcp6) for RSS are enabled. It loads IPv4+UDP/TCP traffic with different IPs to different queues(cores).

      But All IPv6+UDP/TCP traffic with different IPs was directed to only one queue(one core).  Reconfiguration of  rx-flow-hash for udp6 or tcp6 by ethtool did not solve the issue.

      The other problem is all IPv4 or IPv6 traffic with different IPs was also directed to only one queue when only IPv4 or IPv6 RSS enabled.


      System: Fedora 20 

      Kernel: 3.19.8-100.fc20.x86_64

      NIC:    quad-port XL710

           Driver: i40e

           Version: 1.2.2-k

          Firmware-version: f4.1 a1.1 n04.10 e80001109

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