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    Intel Edison wifi driver for 802.11p




      I'm a student who has to evaluate communication for vehicle2x infrastructures, therefore 802.11p will be used.

      With a linux driver for Atheros wifi cards it's possible to patch the mode of the card from 802.11a to 802.11p.

      I'm interested whether it is also possible to change the mode with the built in wifi module of the Edison.




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          Hello ChrisGm,


          According to the Intel® Edison Product Brief Edison only supports 802.11 a/b/g/n. But since the main difference between the 802.11 a and the 802.11 p standards is that the latter divides its frequency to 10MHz (theoretically half the bandwidth of 802.11 a), I believe it might be possible, however it will require to modify the BCM43340's driver. The BCM43340's driver can be found in 01org/edison-bcm43340 · GitHub, nevertheless it is provided to us by Broadcom, so if you wish to modify it to enable 802.11 p support, my best suggestion is that you contact Broadcom.



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            Hello Peter,


            thank you for your fast and informative answer.

            I sent a mail to the Broadcom linux driver support, which was the only email address I found so I hope to get there an answer.

            I'm not so familiar with linux driver so I don't think that I could modify the actual one.

            Hopefully there will be a solution since the Edison would be the perfect platform for this project.