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    How to modify the power on selftest items of the Galileo Gen2 board



      I'm working on a project, which is based on galileo gen2 schematic, in order to decrese the size of  prototype, I had delete some modules we don't need, such as PCI-E,Ethernet Interface,on board ADC, keep the rest parts same to gen2.

      After the prototype assembly job done, programed the on board FLASH with the FlashMissingPDATRelease.bin, the FLASH was successfully be readed when power on the prototype board, but when the FLASH reading task(which consume about 8 seconds) done, the prototype board will reset itself, and then repeat the FLASH reading task again...


      I think maybe it was caused by the selftest items, so i want to modify the image-spi files, delete the selftest items that was decreased. I had already built a small linux for SPI Flash according to  the Intel quark soc x1000 bsp build and software user guide.

      but i have no idea about the code decrease task...

      Any help??

      Thanks in advance