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    EDI1BB.AL.K obsolete EDI2BB.AL.K replacement -- what's the difference


      Some vendors are selling EDI1BB.AL.K and sone EDI2BB.AL.K. I see in this change notice PCN113564-00.pdf the following parts are discontinued


      Change Notification #: 113564 - 00

      Intel® Edison Board for Arduino,

      Intel® Edison Breakout Board,

      Intel® Edison Compute Module,

      Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino,

      Intel® Edison Breakout Board Kit PCN 113564-00,


      But there are replacements listed for all with the 2 in the model number.


      What is the difference?  All mine are 1's and newegg is listing that they are selling 1's but Amazon is saying they are selling 2's.  Do I care?