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    How to record audio to Intel Galileo board?


      Hello everyone,


      I've been looking into the best way to record a 1min audio file so I can save it on a microSD card. I'll be recording voice notes so quality does not need to be super high. I've done this before with the arduino either using a VS1053 chip that works wonders or the neanderthal  way of doing it is simply attach a microphone and record directly to the microSD breakout board in a wav PCM format, not so elegant, audio is bad but it works.

      I've seen people talk about using an external USB audio interface and getting into linux's ALSA but for a simple 1 min voice notes it seems like an overkill.


      I'm not a skilled programmer and I haven't programmed anything in linux but I wouldn't mind trying if it's something more or less straight forward.


      So what is the best way to record simple audio files and store them to the microSD?