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    RMA has had no reply for 11 days


      Hi everyone.  First and foremost, thank you for the space to ask my questions.


      I own a few systems, and have rarely ever had to do an RMA with Intel over the years.  Well, one of those rare occurrences came up, and I sent one of my 5960x's back.  It was received and signed for by an Intel worker on 8 October 2015, and I have not heard anything since it was received.  I sent over a message Friday and Today, and can not get an answer through email, support ticket, or live chat.  Everything I try, it just gives me no answer or option to speak with anyone. 


      I was just curious if this is a common occurrence, as the only two other RMA's I have done with them over the years were nearly instantaneous, and had no issues. 


      Thank you for the help.