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      Hi Everyone,


      First post.....


      We have a few NUC's at work to run the conference rooms and everyone has been really impressed. I am thinking of replacing my HTPC at home with a NUC, possibly the new 6th gen SkyLake units when they finally ship. I have spent a few hours reading posts on this moard and it has left me wondering if the small form factor is worth the hassle. It seems there are quiet a few issues with current units, SSD's not working, random blue screens etc...


      Are they really as good as they seem or is it a lot of hassle to get them up and running. I plan on running Windows 7 64 bit with MCE, need 4k support and will be running Plex and a few other bits and pieces.




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          Cesar Badilla

          Hello ggx32


          Intel® develops, tests and designs high quality products.  Thus, I suggest waiting for the product to be launched and then proceed to test it.


          Latest versions of the Intel® NUC support 4K for better user experience. However, we will need to wait until the final product is released so we can take advantage of the 6th Gen Intel® NUC.



          Caesar B.