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    IDT Audio doesn't work- Win 7 Microsoft driver does


      Using Win 7 32 bit on DP45SG.  No overclocking.

      System also has Sapphire 5770 graphics card with latest software.

      Behavior is with simple 2 channel stereo, no hdmi in use.

      After install of Win 7 audio worked fine.


      Installed latest IDT audio version 6224.3 IDT audio from Intel for Win 7 (released 11/15/09).

      Audio playback became very choppy with frequest dropouts.  Even messages saying it couldn't log off another user because it could not play the logout sound.  Deinstalled all Dolby software, no change and still bad.


      Deinstalled IDT, went back to default Microsoft driver (6.1.670.16385) an it was OK again.


      Installed Intel's next newest IDT driver 6224.1.78 dated 8/24 which was also Win 7 approved.  Audio seemed a bit better, but dropouts were still frequent.


      Deinstalled and fell back to the Microsoft driver again.  Will stay there until another release or anyone has something better to suggest.


      Has anyone else seen this??