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    Black screen after install Drivers for HD Graphics 530, Windows 7 x64


      I just upgraded to i5-6600k,  After I install Intel drivers for the graphics card I get a black screen after windows 7 starts.  I don't see the log on.  I can remote desktop into and work on it.  I can reboot into safe mode just fine.  I've tried uninstall the graphics drive and reinstalling them.  The versions i've tried are win64_15407.4279, and the ones released in july.    I've swapped out the cpu with another i5-6600k, makes no difference.  I have vga, dvi and hdmi out on the motherboard,  all act the same.  I can't even boot windows 7 in low res mode, it still goes to a black screen.  I've updated the bios for the motherboard to the current one.  Any Help will be appreciated.  If I used standard vga drives it works fine.