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    cannot access RAID option ROM - the CTRL -I command prompt does not appear



      I am trying to change my RAID 1 to normal non-RAID. I have read and applied all the fixes that I have found on this site to no avail.


      RAID is enabled in BIOS. I have been using this RAID system for years with no problems

      Expansion Card Text is enabled.


      Here are my system details:


      MOBO: Intel DG965WH

      BIOS: Intel MQ96510J.86A.1754.2008.1117.0002   Release date 11/17/2008

      Processor: Intel Core 2

      Memory: 3.3 Gb

      RAID 1 with 2 SSD drives  250 GB each

      OS: Win 7 Professional, 32 bit


      The command prompt Ctrl - I  to enter the RAID configuration utility does not appear. Ever. I have tried over and over. I am able to access the BIOS config screen with F2 always.


      Thanks for any assistance.


      Alan McCoy