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    i7-3770  Virtualization


      I am attempting to run virtualization on my computer.  The CPU is an i7-3770  @ 3.40GHz.  According to Intel's specs, the i7-3770 does support virtualization.   The Intel Processor Identification Utility shows that Virtualization Technology is not supported.  Which is correct?  Postings on this and other forums indicate that chipset or motherboard incompatibility could be the cause of this discrepancy.  Would chipset or motherboard incompatibility cause the utility to indicate not supported?  The motherboard is a Dell 0NW73C (CPU 1), the chipset is Intel Ivy Bridge revision 09.  Southbridge Intel H77, revision 04.  BIOS is Dell A10 10/19/2012.  Can anyone tell me what needs to be changed to get virtualization to work?