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    Trouble installing Data Center Family driver for Intel 750 PCI-E drive in Windows 10


      I am trying to install the NVMe drivers for my new Intel 750 SSD (PCI-E form factor) on Windows 10. I have tried both the installer and the Have Disk methods, but both of them display a message saying something to the effect of "The driver already being used is good enough". I looked at the driver details and it is dated 1/21/2006 and I assume it is the default driver that comes with Windows. Why isn't my drive updating properly???


      I got the driver to install the first time I loaded Windows 10 on my new drive, but I re-installed the OS after messing something else up. And now the driver won't install anymore.


      I also tried re-installing Windows (clean install) and loading the driver during the install process, but that doesn't work either.


      I'm at my wit's end on this issue, if anyone could help me I'd appreciate it!