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    cpu upgrade on sony SVE14125CNB


      I have sony SVE14125CNB laptop which has 3130m intel(socket g2 & TDP 35watt)) + AMD 7550m + 8GB DDR3 SDRAM . Now i am planning to upgrade my cpu. So , first question  is.....



      1)Is motherboard spec matters? if yes , where can i get my laptop motherboard details.

      3)does cpu watt effect the stability or battery backup.



      does Core i5-3380M(TDP 35watt) or Core i7-3840QM(TDP 45watt) or Core i7-3940XM(TDP 55 watt) is gonna work with my laptop???



      repy me on mak.singh888@gmail.com

      thank in advance sir.

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          Al Hill is 100% correct. At one time, Sony had a list of supported CPUs, but it appears that it has washed its hands of the product. You only have one option. Surf for all mentions of your laptop. Note which CPU is included. Any CPU you find is guaranteed to be supported. Also, you might find a list of the CPUs sold with that laptop. But heed Al Hill's comment that the BIOS must support it. It is entirely possible that Sony released your laptop and then modified the BIOS to support newer CPUs. Normally one does not modify the BIOS unless a specific problem is being solved, but in your case you probably should update the BIOS to the most current one before switching CPUs.

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            Thanks paramountain, your sharp mind answer is really appreciated but sony has discontinued theese model , but i will try to surf web for them

            . It should on web atleast.

            Thanks again

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              By the way, I was talking about surfing for mentions of your laptop on Amazon, Newegg, and other outlets which might have previously sold it. I did this for an HP laptop to find the list of CPUs which were supported. The process is ugly and time-consuming, but if Sony won't help you, it might be your only option.

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                Cesar Badilla

                Hello Mak.singh888


                As al.hill stated it is Sony's* product and  he provided the list of the processors' family which is compatible with your laptop's socket.


                Additionally, paramountain's idea is a good option, by checking Amazon*, Newegg*, BestBuy.com* and other* retailers  you will be able to confirm specifications of the laptops they sold, this could give you a picture of which CPU's are compatible and already tested  to be compatible with your laptop.



                Caesar B.


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