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    Multiple Bluetooth sources


      I am trying to see if I can get multiple bluetooth sources to work with my edison.

      If I look in pactl I see only one bluetooth source and one bluetooth sink, however if I run thecommand hcitool con I get -
              > ACL 90:00:DB:AB:E9:32 handle 13 state 1 lm SLAVE AUTH ENCRYPT (Samsung - shows as source)                                                                                                   
              > ACL FC:58:FA:B7:AA:6C handle 11 state 1 lm MASTER AUTH ENCRYPT (Speaker - shows as sink)                                                                                                   
              > ACL 40:30:04:18:FF:B4 handle 12 state 1 lm MASTER AUTH ENCRYPT   (ipad - is a no show in the Pactl list)

      These are my three bluetooth devices a Samsung Galaxy, an ipad and a bluetooth speaker they all show as connect here as well as the devices.

      Is there a way to tell pulseaudio that there is more than one Bluetooth source connected?

      Anyone know if I can acheive a multi-bluetooth-source solution?

      Thanks for the help!