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    Xeon has S-Spec SR1XH on Lid, CPUZ Reads it as Engineering Sample?


      I recently purchased two Xeon SR1XH (E2683 Haswell-E) chips off Ebay, with the seller stating they are brand-new out of the OEM tray. Sure enough, the chips have production S-Spec numbers on the lids (as my attached photo shows). However, when I open CPUZ to get information, it shows them as Genuine Intel Engineering Sample.


      I'm going to file a charge-back with my CC company, and really need to know if this is some fluke on Intel's part, or if these chips are in fact ES chips that have been counterfeited to look like production chips.

      Here is the photo of the chips, the CPUZ, HWINFO64, the Intel Processor Identifier, and the CPUZ readout in .txt format.


      The CPUZ info for the chip below is exactly the same as the one I received (notice how the lid has a Q S-Spec number and is labeled "Intel Confidential" to indicate it's an Engineering Sample):



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