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    Riggins Expander problem (AXX6DRV3GEXP)


      These hot-swap expander backplanes still won't see SATA drives.  I have fifteen SC5650 chassis with S5500BC and S5520HC boards, Intel SASSRCLS4I RAID cards.  They are using 500 GB WDC or 1 TB Seagate SATA drives.  Six drives in RAID 6 configuration. 

      As delivered, they would only see four of the six drives on a reboot.

      The Intel TA-0898 addressed the issue.  It said to upgrade the HSBP firmware to version 2.09 or later.  I put in the 2.12. release and the problem was better, but not solved.  The systems would now work fine on a warm boot, but if they were shutddown, they would come up with four recognized drives of the six.  A quick reset when the RAID BIOS screen flashed the "missing drives" warning would bring up the machine with all drives present in the RAID.

      This month (November 2009) Intel's support site released HSBP version 2.14.  In the release notes, "not seeing SATA drives" was listed as a problem fixed in this release.  I installed this on 12 systems.  It's better:  Now when the machines can be shut down and powered up, and the RAIDs show all drives.

      But,if the power is removed from the machines altogether, they will come back up with missing drives in the RAID.

      So the problem is known, but it looks like the fixes are being released without adequate testing.

      Has anyone found a workaround for this?  I'm running one power hit away from a disaster!