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    Image size too large when trying to upgrade firmware image


      Hi, I am following the instructions to upgrade the Yoctoimage/firmware as listed on: IoT - Flashing the firmware on a system with Linux* (manual process) | Intel® Developer Zone


      I downloaded the latest Yocto 2.1 image from the Intel Downloads page. I extract it, and in total its about 1.1 GB. A "df-kh" lists the Edison as only having 768MB.


      /dev/sdb1   768M 0  768M   0% /media/xagent/Edison


      So, I'm unable to copy the extracted image as it's too large. What's going on? When I go to the Sparkfun setup guide for Edison, which I was originally following, I see in their screenshot (BZZZZZZZZT - SparkFun Electronics) that the edison-image-edison.ext4 is 536.9MB. However in the latest Yocto 2.1 ZIP I extracted, that same file is a whopping 985.8MB! How on earth are you supposed to upgrade the firmware?