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    Intel PBA31309 eUniStone Bluetooth Module




      I'm having some issues connecting to this module from an Android Embedded computer using the TS 07.10 flow control. However, if I use Credit based flow control then the connection to this module works fine. For our project we require the use of TS 07.10 flow control.

      I reviewed the listing of this module from the https://www.bluetooth.org/tpg/QLI_viewQDL.cfm?qid=21246 and noticed that RFCOMM with TS 07.10 is supported. Can anyone tell me if it indeed does work with TS 07.10 or if there is an updated firmware which supports this?



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          We are also using the PBA31309 in our products and customers are complaining about this issue.

          It is a real and pressing problem for us since providing connectivity to Android devices is a core feature in our products.


          After ~2 months, we got recognized but it seems Intel is unable/unwilling to fix the issue.


          Here is the official response:



          This seems to be an incompatibility of the SPP stack with Android 4.3 RFCOMM TS07.10.

          As you know, the stack is implemented in ROM and the patch space in the EEPROM is extremely limited for eUinstone PBA31309.

          It will be very difficult to get an analysis and a fix from Mecel.



          Unfortunately, I do not have Bluetooth Sniffer hardware available and not enough time to test each device against the Bluetooth Standard.


          Intel, please provide an updated firmware that is fully TS 07.10 compliant and - if possible - tested against Android 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1 devices.