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    i7-4790 overheating and crashing pc


      I recently built a new pc with a Gigabtye Z97-D3H mother board. I have built a dozen computers over recent year, without any issues.


      I decided to move from AMD to Intel this time around and picked a i7-4790 processor.


      I started having problems immediately and started problem solving.


      Tested memory, tested power supply, tested drives etc without success.


      I finally upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 to ensure it wasn't software.


      I downloaded monitoring tools and eventually found that the CPU is idling at about 82 degrees and under light load hits 100 degrees and then shuts down.


      I have reapplied thermal paste, ensured the intel fan was working, I have removed the side of my pc to allow airflow. All without success.


      I have tried the suggestions on the forum, all to no avail.


      This is almost making my new PC unusable.


      Any suggestions appreciated.


      This is the detail captured by Intel Processor Identification utility. Don't know if difference in speed means anything.