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    Does RST help live Hyper-V VMs?

      • I have a server with a RAID1 D: drive that includes dual 8TB HDDs. On this array I have put the server's VMs.
      • The server has a RAID1 C: drive for the OS with two 256GB SSDs.
      • The server also has a 120GB spare SSD.


      Intel RST says it can use this spare SSD as a caching disk, with maximum size of 64GB.


      Does it help the Hyper-V files, which are 100+ GB?


      I was under the impression that the SSD/RST caching performance is only for files that would actually "fit" into the SSD cache, so files <64GB.


      Can anyone comment on my assumption?

      And is there any way Hyper-V VM files can get their speed increased?