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    Intel WiFi 5300 vs. 4965agn


      Hello together,


      I just have an Intel WiFI 4965 operating in my Asus Notebook. Since it is not possible zu set the channel bandwith to 40 MHz in 2.4 GHz frequency I only get a connection rate of 144 MBot/sec. The next problem is the building. It is nearly senseless to spend much money for a similtanous dual band router, becaus ethe 5.2 MHz band gets too much attenuated.

      So I'm looking for a solution to get my notebooks wlan working with full speed on the 2.4 GHz band. As for compatibilty reasons I got the hint on WiFi 5300 which will fit into my notebook without changing any other hardware.


      Unfortunatelly all technical specs and product briefs from Intel are rather worthless. They seem to be written by marketing people, but do not give any information but the mechanical dimonsions.


      So my final question: Is it possible to operate the WiFi 5300 at 40 MHz bandwith on 2.4 GHz or should I try to get an Atheros card working with my hardware?


      Thanks in advance


      Andreas 'XoTZIL'