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    Integrated graphics problem


      I have a pc with 16gb ram but no dedicated graphics card. It has Intel HD 4400 graphics. I was wondering can I allocate 8gb ram to be used by the iGPU as my colleague said he did the same(he also added that he has a developer or unlocked or something something laptop and he did some firmware editing through Linux kernel something something) and he could run GTA 5 at full HD with about 30fps. He also added that his clock speed was about 1800 which is close to two 920m dedicated graphics cards. Is this practically possible? Or is he just bragging? Thank you in advance

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          Windows dynamically manages graphics memory, so games can automatically use up to 4 GB RAM. Some games check amount of dedicated (onboard) VRAM, it is possible to change that amount reported by driver, but this unlikely will result in any performance improvement (more likely game settings will be at unplayable level) .


          It is possible to increase max turbo frequency of IGP by BIOS editing, but actual frequency depends on CPU temperature, so unlikely it will reach desired value - CPU will overheat and drop frequency earlier.

          Frequency by itself is not a metric of GPU/IGP performance - the shader cores amount have much more value. So even having twice MHz of 920m but only 1/20 number of shader cores (at best) means that IGP is still a crap in comparison with dedicated card (in games and CPGPU, video acceleration is different thing due special blocks in GPU/IGPs)