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    82566 MM gigabit link down


      Hi folks,


      I have this adapter on a notebook Fujitsu Lifebook E8410. The adapter is gigabit capable.

      The OS is Windows7 x64 home edition.




      When I set the linkspeed to 100Mb full duplex the adapter is working but performance is bad.

      When I set the linksped to GB 1000 full_duplex it makes 2 tries (stay on 5 seconds each) then advertise cable unplugged / link down.

      partner is gigabit router Netgear R7000 or gigabit switch tp-link


      Troubleshooting done :

      updated driver to latest (2013) by means of intel driver update utility. - no improvement

      changed cable : cat5E shielded  - no improvement

      changed partners:  Netgear R7000 / gigabit switch tp-link - checked Gb ports with other devices. -  no problem

      checked the RJ45 socket and tried also from port replicator RJ45 socket - no improvement

      checked a GB network adapter on USB3.0 - it was running GB 1000 full duplex perfect / cable good

      booted Ubuntu LIVE from Disk and checkd the intel ethernet - it as running GB 1000 full duplex perfect.


      Conclusion :the ethernet hardware seems good.

      The driver for Win7 X64 seems to have problems.


      Any hint for advanced configuration/troubleshooting under win7 x64 is welcome.


      Thanks in advance,