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    Intel DG965WH Issues


      Hello I have installed W7 on my pc and I have a couple of issues.  The first issue is that my microphone does not work.  I have downloaded the newest realtek drivers and the newest drivers for this motherboard and searched everywhere and cannot fix this problem.  There is also a problem with the PCI Simple Communications Controller which has an exclamation point next to it in device manager.  Any help is appreciated because I cannot use skype or any programs that require a microphone and it is killing me :-(.



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          Are you having issues with the front panel audio or back panel?

          Do you have any other yellow bang in the device manager?

          Before installing the audio driver, have you checked whether the windows default audio driver worked fine.


          Now for the pci simple controller interface:

          1. Locate or download the released MEI and SOL Vista drivers from your OEM
          2. Download Link
          3. Locate the setup.exe file for the device to be installed
          4. Right click on the setup.exe and select properties
          5. Select the Compatibility tab
          6. In the compatibility mode section check the box “Run the program in compatibility mode for:”
          7. Select the following in the drop down “Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)”
          8. At the bottom of the properties window set the privilege level by checking the box in front of “Run the program as an administrator”
          9. Click Apply
          10. Click OK to exit out of the properties window
          11. Double click on the setup.exe and follow the normal install/setup steps


          Thanks kdharber for your tips.


          All the best,


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            I may be a total newb for those accronyms but what is MEI and SOL mean.  Ok I see now that MEI is the Management Engine Interface but still don't know what SOL is.


            As far as the microphone goes it is the front panel and the rear panel but only for the microphone slot.  The default drivers were working find but looking for a fix for this problem I saw a solution to get the newer drivers.


            The only other yellow bang I have says Unknown Device.

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              I installed the drivers like you told me and got the PCI Simple Communications Controller thing fixed.  I have still have a bing for an Unknown device and the microphone is stall not working.  Thanks for the help so far Rajiv Doolub.

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                Uninstall the audio driver first.

                Try to install the audio driver in the same way i told you to do for the ME driver.


                Note that the Win7 has not been validated for this board and there wont be any driver for windows 7 as this board is end of interactive support.



                If it works with windows default driver, why dont you leave it with the default driver?


                What is the hardware id for the unknown device?


                By the way, SOL is serial over lan.


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                  The hardware id for the unknown device is



                  I tried reinstalling the audio drivers and it didn't seem to work.  When I go to my recording devices when I right click on the speaker the only thing that comes up is Digital Audio (S/PDIF) and there is no microphone listed.  Could it possibly have something to do with my Chipset drivers? I downloaded the w7 one listed for my board.


                  Thanks again Rajiv Doolub         

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                    I have checked for this device id, it does not seem to be from any intel drivers.


                    Try a windows update to see if it resolves this issue.


                    Try to do a cmos clear and load bios to defaults to see if it helps.


                    Other than this, i dont have any more suggestions.


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                      Hello again,


                      GO into the bios:

                      Power >> Intel Quick Resume Technology >> Disable

                      Save and Exit.


                      Check if you still have the yellow bang for ACPI in the device manager.


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                        What case are you using?  I don't know why you would be getting S/PDIF notification so I wonder about your onboard connections.

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                          I have a D965WH board running Windows 7 64-bit, and I resolved the yellow bang from the missing ACPI\AWY0001 driver. You need the AMD Away Mode driver. I installed v1.0.1. It’s been a while, and I'm not sure where I found it. PM me and I will try to find a way to get it to you if necessary. You can probably find it if you search Google. Make sure you read the instructions before installing. Strange that this AMD Away Mode is for Intel based motherboards, but the contains the archive has the correct inf for the hardware ID. Search for AMDAWAY.




                          This INF file removes the unresolved hardware detection (YELLOW BANG! associated with devices that do not have the proper driver installed) only.  Currently, there is no driver associated with this INF file.


                          Download also seems to be available here:  http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/download.aspx?c=us&cs=08W&l=en&s=bsdv&releaseid=R151573&SystemID=INSP_DSKTP_D531&servicetag=&os=WLH&osl=en&deviceid=15059&devlib=0&typecnt=0&vercnt=1&catid=-1&impid=-1&formatcnt=1&libid=27&typeid=-1&dateid=-1&formatid=-1&fileid=201678

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                            I resolved this issue by disabling Quick Resume under Power in the BIOS.  That is because I am not using Viiv which is required under RAID.  I use AHCI,  no RAID, and have no microphone to test.  Clarification for others would help if those experiencing problems would state whether they are using Viiv.  Otherwise this may not be needed?

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                              If you read the detailed description of AMDAWAY included in the download's readme, you will see that there is no driver associated with the INF file. It is a "null-driver" that makes the yellow bang go away, but no actual driver gets loaded. Loading it will not hurt anything, but it won't help anything either other than getting rid of the yellow bang. This is just a "placeholder" for those NOT running an AMD system. On an AMD system, a real driver would load automatically. Apparently this is realted to AMD's version of Viiv, and since the BIOS and motherboard are equipped to be compatible, the OS need to be tricked into believing a driver has been loaded. Seems kind of stupid, but it is what it is.

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                                Not sure if you solved your issue with the microphone, but I had a similar issue using the front panel for headphones.


                                To solve it I downloaded the drivers from http://downloadcenter.intel.com/confirm.aspx?httpDown=http://downloadmirror.intel.com/13706/eng/AUD_allOS_D20001.0x_PV_IDTGUI_v105_Legacy.exe&agr=&ProductID=&DwnldId=13706&strOSs=&OSFullName=&lang=eng for the IDT audio.  Then right click on the installer and go to Properties.  Check compatibility mode and choose Vista SP2.  Click OK and run the installer.


                                Now my front panel works and detects my headphones!  Hopefull this will work for your microphone also (if you haven't already figured it out).



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                                  John Larysz

                                  Here's what worked for me; I'm using Windows 8 developer. I think that what is happening is that the automatic installation program doesn't know about recent releases on Windows, so it defaults down to some release that isn't going to work any more. This process forces in the latest drivers available in the download package - that's Vista.


                                  1:  Download the Intel driver update package AUD_allOS_D20001.0x_PV_IDTGUI_v105_Legacy.exe. It's available on the Intel support web site.


                                  2:  Run the program to expand the embedded folder. The program will probably fail when it tries to install a driver - don't worry about it.


                                  3:  Open Control Panel -> Device Manager


                                  4:  Right click on Sound, video and game controllers -> <whatever you find there as a sound interface>. Left click on "Update Driver Software"


                                  5: Select "Browse my Computer" and navigate to <Downloads directory>\AUD_allOS_D20001.0x_PV_IDTGUI_v105\WDM\Vista


                                  6:  Let it rip. If the Vista driver works on your computer, all will be rosy.