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    How to add the NFS support for the target image and the ext3 filesystem?


      Hi everyone,

      I'm trying to add the NFS support for the Galileo. Is there any How-To to describe the task since I'm a new developer for the Galileo platform? Here are what I have done:


      1. Get the new config file for linux image through "bitbake linux-yocto-quark -c menuonfig"

      2. Enable the NFS support config options by adding an extra nfs-extra.cfg file under:

      meta-iot-devkit/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-quark/iot-devkit. and include the config file in linux-yocto-quark_3.8.bbappend

      Here are the contents for the file:





      3. Bitbake image-full. After booting the new image, I've checked the system through "cat /proc/filesystems". And the NFS was supported by the new kernel.

      4. mount a remote network file system by doing "mount -t nfs ...". But this command failed. It prompts some helper should be provided.


      It seems I have to add some extra binutils support for the mount?



      James Jiao.