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    Why does my i7-3537U randomly limit to 1GHz?


      Since a few days I notice that it sometimes is much slower than it should be. When I open the Task Manager, this is what I see (sorry for the German):


      It seems as if the CPU is limited to 0.98GHz and that's why Task Manager shows only 40% usage.

      It stays this way even when I do a CPU stress test:


      As you can see, the temperature should be okay with only 52°C.

      If I reboot the computer, it's back at 2GHz and responds much faster:


      I already thought that it could be related to the energy settings but it seems like everything is on "full power" there:


      What could be the issue here?

      All I can say is that it worked perfectly fine until a few days ago and I did not change any settings. I also did not change anything in Intel XTU, everything there is default and I seem to be unable to change it.

      I'm using Windows 10. You can find more information about the hardware here.