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    Have I made a mistake?


      D8 I've sold away my i7 920 D0 for a Xeon E5540!!! how stupid T_T, my dad had 5 E5540s and he offered me one because it turns out 4 were enough for his needs

      I was looking for a greater performance to improve the gaming and multimedia potent of my pc so I accepted the dad's offering and sold the "better truth"(i7 920D0) off.

      I just found something called "Passmark" on the google with keyword "E5540 benchmark" there showed that E5540 got a worser result than i7 does,

      My current specs:

      E5540 D0 2.53ghz with xigmatek dark knight cooler

      Intel DX58SO

      3gb DDR 3 Corsair TR 3X3G-1600C8D

      1tb + 2x500gb sata II hdd( all wd caviar black)

      Nvidia GTX285

      PSU 700watt pure

      <Ps: I don't overclock>

      As the title said:

      Have I made a big mistake?

      pls at least shed a light to me T_T