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    Driver updates report success, version number stays at 10


      This is on a 15" MBP with Iris Pro 5200. 

      I was on version 15.something of the Intel drivers, it updated and reported back successfully. After Windows 10 came out, I manually installed the 15.40 driver because the Intel updater wasn't picking it up and it had added new API support, so I didn't want to wait. 

      Well, after that, the version number is now reporting as, no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall 15.40, whether manually or through the Intel updater. It will say driver updated successfully, but always report back as 10.18.  I even tried unpacking the driver, and doing it from within device manager to manually install the extracted file, and it said it worked, but it's still reporting as 10.18.

      Any idea what to do?