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    Arduino sketch that uses Serial, talk to a host process


      I have a system that uses an arduino and a node.js host process and works on a PC or rPi.  I'd like to have this all run on the Edison, so i'm looking for a way to minimally modify the arduino code to do this, and what I've come up with is using socat to create some virtual serial devices and use TTYUARTClass to make a serial object in arduino.  this way i can use defines to pick what serial device name to use on the arduino side and leave the rest of the code alone. 


      problem is, there's no socat.  so, other ideas?  I've seen the fifo files idea, but that's a lot of modding on the arduino code.

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          Hello chrwei,


          I was able to install the latest version of socat (2.0.0-b8) on my Edison. I haven't tested it much but it seems to be running just fine. These are the steps I took:


          wget http://www.dest-unreach.org/socat/download/socat-2.0.0-b8.tar.gz
          tar xvf socat-2.0.0-b8.tar.gz
          cd socat-2.0.0-b8
          make install




          I hope these steps help you in your project.