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    IRST and Samsung PM83 SSD 30GB Drive in my Dell XPS 8500


      I recently had to swap out my failed seagate barracuda 2TB hard drive for a WD Black 2TB drive. I noticed something strange in the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Main Menu under Raid Volume

      ID           Name                   Level                    Strip          Size          Status          Bootable

      0          Dev_Cache          Raid0(Cache)     128KB          29.8GB     Disabled          No


      Underneath that are the Devices

      0     WD HDD 2 TB Drive                                             Non-Raid

      1     Samsung SSD PM83 S0XLNSAD101978            (I forget what this was labeled as)


      But I've been trying to install a clean copy of windows on the NEW WD Black 2 TB Drive and I keep getting the "Windows Setup cannot configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware. It was running not the same version of windows with all the same parts for 2 years, now the drive dies and I can't install Windows 7 on a simple 2 TB WD Drive?


      So I deleted the Raid0 and now I can't get back the same settings, when I get the the level it only gives me Raid0(Stipe) Raid1 and Recovery I believe those were the options, How can I get those same settings I listed above?


      Thanks for any and all help!