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    How to switch off the DMA mode in Quark SoC X1000??


      Hi Guys,


      By default, DMA is enabled and being used by the UARTs in Intel Galileo Boards. The entry cat /sys/class/dma/dma*chan*/in_use shows 1 in all the 4 DMA channels which means that both the UARTs are using the DMA for both Tx FIFO as well as Rx FIFO ( DMA Support for Rx FIFO has now been added in BSP v1.2 for Yocto). But I want to switch off the DMA mode and want both the UARTs to operate in the normal PIO mode. To do this, I found from pg. 15 of  quark-x1000-linux-sw-developers-manual.pdf that I need to add the following lines as the Kernel Parameter in grub.conf file :- intel_quark_hsuart_dma.uart0_dma=0  for UART0 and intel_quark_hsuart_dma.uart1_dma=0 for UART1.


      Now the grub.conf looks like the following after making these entries into it:--


      title Quark X1000 kernel-MassStorage initrd-MassStorage RootFS-MassStorage IMR-On IO-APIC/HPET NoEMU debug

          root (hd0,0)

          kernel /bzImage intel_quark_hsuart_dma.uart0_dma=0 , intel_quark_hsuart_dma.uart1_dma=0 root=/dev/ram0 console=ttyUSB0 console=ttyS1,115200n8 earlycon=uart8250,mmio32,$EARLY_CON_ADDR_REPLACE,115200n8 reboot=efi,warm apic=debug rw LABEL=boot debugshell=5 rootimage=image-full-quark.ext3

          initrd /core-image-minimal-initramfs-quark.cpio.gz




      But inspite of adding these 2 lines and then booting the Board with these changes , I didn't find any difference. The UARTS are still using the DMA , and I can still see the above /sys entries showing 1 in all the 4 channels. (Please note that the error in UART numbering which was found in the BSP 1.1 and earlier versions have been fixed in v1.2).



      Thanks in advance. Waiting for your responses.