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    Need Chipset Driver for : Intel i945PM (windows 7 ultimate 32 bits)


      Hi ! My laptop manufacturer is using this chipset:

      Chipset Northbridge: Intel i945PM

      Southbridge: Intel 82801GHM (ICH7-M/U)

      However, I recently installed windows seven and I have an error, the driver for the

      Intel(R) ICH7M/U LPC Interface Controller - 27B9 seem to be invalid

      Do you have any solution, or drivers ?

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          Download this driver:


          1. Locate the setup.exe file for the device to be installed
          2. Right click on the setup.exe and select properties
          3. Select the Compatibility tab
          4. In the compatibility mode section check the box “Run the program in compatibility mode for:”
          5. Select the following in the drop down “Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)”
          6. At the bottom of the properties window set the privilege level by checking the box in front of “Run the program as an administrator”
          7. Click Apply
          8. Click OK to exit out of the properties window
          9. Double click on the setup.exe and follow the normal install/setup steps


          Usually, LPC used to be due to many reasons where one of them on desktop:

          - Infra Red, i am not sure if you have this option in the bios.


          Advanced> Peripheral Configuration > IR > Disable


          IR works only on Vista. So i assume it would be same for windows 7.


          Note: this is usually for intel desktop board, for laptop may be something is connected to the LPC bus, so i wont be able to give you an exact answer on this.


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