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           My D865GBF Intel motherboard power on is very cool. no action. power supply ok.cmos ok.memory ok. stanby power LED on motherboard glowing. Keeping the motherboard on cardboard, power on pins on motherboard 6&8 on J9J1 shorted by s screw driver power not switching on to CPU, FAN, HDD,FDD etc.,etc. When i checked 20 pin power connector externally by shorting the pin 3 & 4 (Green & Block), i am getting 12v core voltage and other voltages. HDD, CD ROM, FDD, POWEER CHASIIS FAN ARE WORKING. power connector connected on motherboard nothing is working.I don't have spare board or CPU for checking.Kindly guide me which part (componant) i have to check and replace for perfect working condition or which IC i have to replace.